Shielding, Anyone?



Huh? What? Shielding? Most of the time when I present this concept in my HYPERTON-X workshops only a few people have even a concept of shielding and the ones that do usually are not. So let’s go to it!

Shielding means protecting yourself in some way from being affected by negative energies, i.e., thoughts and feelings of others. Does the source of this energy need to be in your presence? No! You can have your energies affected even at a great distance. Do we have scientific proof of this? If you are tallsillg~bo~JJhe classical double bli~tudy

~tific!}not thatI knoyrof~enments by CleveBackster lean in that direction.

Backster’s experiments has been referred to in several books, such as The Secret Life of Plants and The Secret Life of Your Cells. Backster is an expert in the use of the Polygraph (aka Lie Detector) which he connected to a plant to measure osmosis but was surprised to find the plant showed human responses to negative and harmful thoughts directed at the plant.

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