Streamlining TFH for the Lay Person




There would appear to be a basic difficulty afterTFH has been taught to the layperson in that it is not used as nearly as much as it could be. Even TFH instructors who are also therapists do not all use TFH balanc- ing in their offices because “it would take too long” according to some. Pity, there- fore, the mere lay person. A number of reasons could account for this:

1. OVERWHELM. There is just too much material, to much complex theo- rizing (5-elements, etc.) and too many muscles covered. 42 muscles seems ex- cessive for the lay person.

2. MATERIAL POORLY PRESENTED. This leads to confusion and difficulty. The result is disillusionment and loss of heart.

3. THE MANUAL. The material in the Manual could do with improved layout, e.g. TFH Parts 1,2,3 should be in distinct Chapters.


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