Stress Indicator Point




All Kinesiologists at some time during their career will experience the frustration of a balance that does not appear to be effective. The balance either does not achieve the desired effect, becomes “messy”, misses the essential points or does not hold for an adequate period. Ian Stubbings Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS) proposes there are four essential aspects to consider.

1. Nature of the Imbalance

2. Resistance to Healing

3. Switching and the Electrical Circuits of the Body

4. Gathering information and Continuous Recording Mode

SIPS is not in itself a correction modality. It is a tool that facilitates all other modalities, improving the efficacy and efficiency of those techniques within your existing system.

Professional Kinesiologists using SIPS find there is a profound and far reaching improvement in the quality and efficiency of their clinical practice.

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