The Crystals of Applied Physiology



The wonderful world of the crystal energy never ceases to mystify me. From the piezoelectric qualities of the quartz, to the electromagnetic properties of the rainbow obsidian. From prehistoric times and into the new millennium, human beings will continue to be attracted to crystals for their beauty and sense of power. The practical uses of certain crystals in the realm of body energies are no less than spectacular. The use of the six (6) sided quartz crystal, with one side rounded, can be used to store electric and magnetic information for future use. Quartz crystals have been used as receivers in radios due to their amazing ability to receive electromagnetic energy, channel and transform it These same qualities can be used for our purposes in healing. How?

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One Thought on “The Crystals of Applied Physiology

  1. Discussion of use of crystals in healing, with special mention of Rainbow Obsidian, a rock Adam Lehman taught me about, and which I have continued to use for many years.

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