The Genie In Your Genes




Epigenetic Medicine is a new form of therapy destined to upend many of the certainties of today’s medical and psychological practice. Epigenetics (epi=above, epigenetic=control of genes from above or outside the cell) is a new science less than ten years old. It shows that genes are activated or deactivated by many factors originating outside the cell and even outside the body. These factors include childhood nurturing, belief, spirituality, prayer, visualization, and the quality of our social network. It seems incredible that our cells could be conditioned daily by these epigenetic influences. Yet the most cutting-edge scientific research shows that intention literally affects the conformation of the DNA molecule. Our consciousness is affecting our bodies every day. Large-scale scientific studies have shown that success in resolving emotional trauma can lower our chances of getting cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. What we believe and think has an immediate effect on our bodies. In this presentation, Dr. Church will show how we can turn this knowledge to our advantage, engaging powerful epigenetic processes through the quality of our emotions and thoughts, and the nature of our intentions.

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