The Power of the Pendulum




Have you ever wanted to do muscle testing without a second person? Attend this session to learn the basic techniques of using a personal pendulum to divine answers from the body’s energy fields. This interactive, experiential workshop will give everyone a chance to work with their own pendulum to learn their individual Yes and No responses. Participants are invited to bring, borrow, or buy a pendulum for use during the session. (The instructor will provide ones to buy or borrow.) The instructor will de- scribe limitations, Best Practices, cautions, and “check” questions to use. Then, you will apply what you learned in an applied setting, such as to find out crystals and gemstones that are best for you, and those to avoid. Thus, this is an example of how you can use these tools both Tomorrow and Beyond because pendulums can be used in so many applied session throughout your life. Pendulums can be used to accu- rately test energy for your nutrition supplements, herbs, food to eat for your next meal, boyfriends, jobs, doctors, and so much more. Join us for the opportunity to develop your own tool to navigate your life in alignment with your body’s energy fields.

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