The Pyramid of Health




There are four attributes of approaches to health: the structural, chemical, mental, and emotional. The base of all of these aspects, and in fact all aspects of life, is the spiritual.

I believe that in order to understand how we all function we must see that there is a plan and a purpose for our lives and what our lives represent. Therefore, if there is a plan and a purpose then there must be a Planner. How human beings become healthy and stay healthy has been my major study for many, many years. Having been involved in the Holistic Health movement since its inception at the conferences at the University of California at La Jolla, I have observed that most of the pioneers in this movement now agree in the new scientific model of quantum physics: that there is an ultimate plan and purpose to life and that there is a planner. The more that is known about the world and its position in the universe, the more I am certain that it could not have occurred without a plan. The conditions and support systems needed for life to develop and sustain occur nowhere else in the universe that scientists have yet to discover. Therefore, my basic fundamental purpose is to believe in this plan and discover how to be more like the Planner. I have found that my main support is Jesus the Christ.



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