The Quirk Balance: Take the Stress Out of Your Relationship

Alice Vierira



Successful relationships are a hard thing to come by given that two in four couples divorce and that three-quarters of people seeking therapy do so because of a failed or failing relationship. The primary cause of illness is disconnection and alienation. Illness is often driven by stress caused by feelings of helplessness, disconnection from others and oss of meaning. Resolution of the psychosocial stressors and concerns over The same can be said for relationships. feelings of isolation facilitates the healing process. Relationships often a cause feeling of helplessness and disconnection – the loneliest time is when one is with someone with whom one is disconnected from – or when we are disconnected from ourselves. Much of that disconnection is feeling unacceptable to our partners. We can feel unacceptance by others and by ourselves. Unhappy relationships are a primary cause of stress. Proper care for one of the most important aspects of our lives, our relationships, is virtually ignored or unknown. I believe relationships are more precious than your most precious possessions – your diamond ring, an expensive antique. your crystal, and your china. Think about the care you give them: You put them in safe places. You don’t put them in the dishwasher; you don’t take them on a picnic. If one gets chipped, it is ruined or will need a very special craftsman process to restore its usefulness and finery.

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