Understanding the Cycle of Emotions

The Wheel of Emotion is based on Dr. Bach’s Twelve Healers. These Twelve Healers are representative of all personalities found in human nature and which correlate the 12 Basic Personality types found in all walks of life. There are, of course, 38 Bach Flower Remedies in all, which are separated into three basic categories of applications: the 12 Basic Personality Types, as mentioned above; the 7 Helpers, which assist in determining the virtues of the 12 Personalities; and the 19 Assistants that are the sprays of emotions caused from a Personality being out of balance for too long. The integration of the Bach Remedies not only assists the client by offering a physical substance that they can take, as often as they want, toward easing emotional stress but also, the Wheel offers a pictorial overview to determine their true personality with a deeper understanding of the cause of the conflicts within their family and themselves.

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