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Here is a two to three minute balance that will not only balance all of the body’s muscles, but will also eliminate 60 per cent of all the aches and pains that one encounters at the same time. I discovered this balance as a result of misunderstanding the instructions when I was taught to use the wheel in my original ITW. The steps by which I came to this discovery are unimportant. The end result is a very important time and pain saver. Here are the steps.

1. Pretest as many muscles as you wish. Note which are switched off.

2. Massage the neurolymphatics for the central and governing meridians.

3. Check to see what time of day it is. Go to that muscle on the wheel whether that muscle is switched off or not.

a. Massage all neurolymphatics front and back.

b. Hold the neurovasculars until a pulse is felt.

c. Trace the meridian three times.

4. Retest all pretested muscles. All will now be switched on.




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2 Thoughts on “Time of Day Balance

  1. bkesty on May 21, 2014 at 7:40 pm said:

    This is perhaps the shortest, and one of the great papers presented at conference. This simple balance is a very effective, and often referred to balancing option.

  2. Brian wasn’t kidding. The summary is the entire paper. Short, sweet, and a classic for the ages. What is not mentioned here is that this is also now considered a classic for getting over jetlag. Either wait until you arrive to do the time of day balance, or do as you cross the time zones!

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