Vibrational Healing With Chakra Sound Essences



Vibrational Healing is based on the principle that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. By introducing healing vibrations to the body, balance of matter is restored. We as humans all vibrate and what makes us unique is that we all vibrate at different frequencies. The same is true for sickness and disease. It is therefore important for health reasons that we keep our vibrations higher than that of sickness and disease. To raise our vibrations and to maintain health we need to keep our energy centers vibrating and balanced. The energy centers referred to here are the aura, charkas and meridians. We need to nourish our energy centers with healing vibrations. Healing vibrations consist of the vibration resonances that arouse the five senses. These include light, color, sound, aroma, crystals and gems, symbols and touch. These vibrations are as vital to our energy systems as air, water, and food are to our physical body.

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