What About Relaxation Massage For Everyone?





Relax! . .. Hard to do? At one time it was easy. Remember when you were a baby or a young child? How good it felt to stretch? Roll in the grass? Feel that freshly mown grass on your skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Perhaps one we take the most for granted.

Our skin serves the following important func- tions:

1. Protects us from bacterial invasions. 2. Warns us of immediate dangers.
3. Maintains our body temperature.
4. Gets rid of body wastes.

5. Protects us from harmful sun rays. 6. Stores water and nourishment.

We also use our skin to take in physical warmth and nurturing, something we all need but perhaps have forgotten how good it feels (or we feel), how much comfort we get from it and that it’s very healthy.




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