What Muscle Testing Can and Cannot Do



As a muscle testor, your one and only job is to facilitate the test results, without putting in your own opinions. Stick to the ONE BRAIN system. Honor what your testee’s arms have to say. Keep your personal Belief System out of the picture. Your teste’s Belief System is what counts.

Psychologists say we use only 10% of our brain’s full capacity. To the extent we believe ourselves capable of doing so, we can activate different parts of the brain which we may not have been utilizing.

Our brains distinguish a vividly remembered past event (as we’ve perceived it) from a right/now happening. We’re able to know the difference between memory and what’s happening in Present Time. This gives us a clear relationship to Present Time and what our Belief System is right now. In fact we have a specific brain center to do just that. It’s called the Common Integrative Area (CIA) and is located on the posterior surface of the left temporal lobe, the decisive operative of the whole brain.

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