You Can’t Go Past Where You Are




There was a professor in sociology in college that some of my friends dragged me over to hear. All I can remember is watching him pacing – pacing – pacing – dishevelled and in his own world of thought – and at odd moments turning and saying intensely to the class, ” The baby cried!! !” Then he would write it on the board. Pace – pace – pace “The mommy picked it up!!!” And he wrote that down also. I don’t remember him doing much past that. We sat in back and giggled uncontrollably, but quietly as he repeated the ritual, over and over and over.

I sometimes feel like that guy, like I’m pacing around and around and saying things everyone knows and yet feeling like there’s a breakthrough at hand. I have discovered that there are only two or three thoughts in my head and that I keep putting different words around them. And saying them over and over again.

So even though this may seem simplistic. Let me put out some of my ideas here:



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