Improve Your Chest Expansion



The following procedure is taken from our Professional Health Provider program (PHP 1) and has been used for many years by my husband, Dr. Bruce Dewe, in his medical practice. He has taught many mothers how to take care of their children when they have had chest infections, congestion, tightness or pain on breathing. This has reduced their need for medication.

Many people, for various reasons, do not breathe correctly. Rather than filling the lower lobes of the lungs first, they tend instead to raise their shoulders and fill the upper lobes with resultant minimal lower ribcage and diaphragm movement.

Correct breathing should cause the diaphragm to flatten, thus making the stomach protrude on inhalation, and to flatten on exhalation. If you think of the lungs as a cup to be filled, you pour into the bottom first and gradually fill it up. In the same way, the most efficient breathing allows the lungs to fill from the bottom upwards.

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