More ESR Points – Life beyond the Frontal Eminences



Several years ago, a student in a basic TFH class asked me if there were other ESR points besides the frontal eminences. I said I wasn’t aware of any, but I would look into it. After doing a bit of experimenting I discovered another eminence point – the thenar eminence, located on the meaty part of the palm where it joins the wrist near the thumb, which I introduced at the TFH Conference in 1984. I jokingly refer to this point as lung 9 1/3. The very next week I had a learning deficit client, a boy age 13, who could not stand to be touched on the head, so this discovery was quite timely and effective. These points can be touched together as in prayer, or touched separately by any finger, and even with fingers of the same hand, as if you were holding onto the cuff of your shirt when putting on a top coat. One of the benefits of these points is that you can hold them without anyone else knowing, whereas the head points are quite obvious, or where there is a head injury making those points inaccessible.

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