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It was 1964, when I first read about Applied Kinesiology in the Journal of Chiropractic Economics. that was also the year that I investigated giving up my chiropractic practice, taking my family with me and going to work in rural areas of Mexico with the poor after completing Medical Training there. In that year after spending time investigating what it would mean to me personally and to my family the decision to remain practicing in California as a Chiropractor became obvious. Even before we were married, Carrie and I knew that we wanted to devote our lives to helping others to live healthier lives. This was the primary reason I chose to become a became very enthusiastic about our chiropractor and focus on the value of posture.

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  1. In 2003, in California, the medical law changed with the adoption of the California Health Freedom Bill. The National Institute of Health released a report that alternative medicine has NOT been shown to be a public health threat, and that a significant percentage of the US population achieved benefits from these non-medical services. Based on this, the California legislature determined that to serve the public, they should increase public access, rather than restrict and regulate the practices.


    In 2003, John Thie wrote “So now for the first time in California I can say with confidence that if you have a gift of healing you can legally use that gift by opening an office. You can help people change so they can have what they want better in their lives. “

    “Why do I recommend that you do so? The need is so great please consider the following:”
    The article goes on to detail many reasons why John Thie advocated TFH practitioners, and health practitioners using TFH, including
    1. Chronic conditions: Improving balance, self-care, and health choices can improve the lives of the millions of Americans (and people around the world!) with one or more chronic conditions.
    2. Prevention, meaning, satisfaction and tools for self-care: By improving health, function and enjoyment of life, we may prevent much illness and dis-ease, as well as improve the quality of life.

    3. Danger with medical care, medicine, and hospital care: Proper medical care, side reactions, and medical mistakes are among the highest causes of death. Having safe, preventive approaches and techniques may greatly reduce the deaths and harm that come with the medical system and medical approach.
    4. More holistic and Soul respecting approach and tools for medical practitioners, and other kinds of practitioners: materialist, chemical focused medicine denies many aspects of humanity, and may treat humans in inhuman ways. Respecting the whole person returns humanity to both the practitioner and the person receiving help.

    “The ultimate goal of the practitioner in giving the client a TFHK balance is, in some indefinable way, to impart the truth that s/he is a treasure to the entire world community, as a child of God. Our desire is to help the client/student know and achieve what they were created to be gives us the same realization of ourselves.”

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