A Kinesiological Approach to Chi-Kung



Dr. Sha (haaaaa-haaaaa) has been a source of much humour and conversation since his infomercial at the ’94 Touch for Health Conference in Vancouver. His antics were laughable, but his techniques seemed to work. His was only one of perhaps thousands of types of Chi-Kung (also spelled qi-gong and chi-gong). If I were to tell you that I know about Chi-Kung, it would be like saying I know music. Your next question would probably be, “What kind of music?” We have a choice of rock & roll, country & western, jazz, blues, classical, rap and the list goes on. If that wasn’t enough, each classification has hundreds, perhaps thousands of styles depending on the artist. Chi-Kung is very similar. Each master applies his own style to the basics and over a period of thousands of years we now have a tremendous variety of Chi-Kung styles. The basic principles however, don’t change. All Chi-Kung practitioners understand that ill health and disease are caused by an imbalance in body energies and although the techniques may differ, the goal is the same: to bring balance to a situation of under or over energy in the body. This is most often accomplished by directing energy with the hands. A Chi-Kung practitioner becomes a master only after years of study and training to know where to place the hands and how long to hold them.

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