It is hypothesized for the first time, that lack of proper brain hemisphere pat- terning (integration) and any resultant learning or other disorders are due to the presence of the following substances in the body, especially the brain. These in- clude Candida toxins, especially acetaldehyde; the chemically-related, ubiquitous for- maldehyde; endogenous formaldehyde and/or related substances; and the toxins of Cryptocides. The author’s 1984 discovery of a more permanent brain hemispheric re- patterning is reported — the author’s previous discoveries, the Candida and Cryptocides Balances, can intrinsically integrate the brain hemispheres. The Dennison Laterality Repatterning (DLR) will be only temporary if the above toxins are present; sufficient levels may not even allow for DLR at all. The DLR is discovered to be an electromagnetic Candida Balance of the brain; the cloacals is revealed to be a similar Balance of the rest of the body (of less permanence than the usual Candida Balance). New uses of DLR are revealed. The Candida Balance demonstrates new pos- tulates of healing. This work also reveals the unity of the work of Rochlitz (Candida Balance), Dennison (DLR), Hulse (Thymo-Kinesiology Balance), and Farrari (cranials and cloacals). Also herein are the Rochlitz Aldehyde-Dyslexia Hypothesis and the Rochlitz Aldehyde Balances Types I and II.
CAUTION: The author’s CAUTION at the beginning of his previous article is considered to be in effect here too.

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