Chakra Sound Essences




It’s all about little miracles making a difference to someone in their life. As kinesiologists, we are always keen and exploring ideas and methods to achieve a better or deeper balance. Having experienced the effects that sound has on the body, my ponder was: Could sound be infused into matter? Inherently, I felt that this was possible, but how? Time passed and in one of those spiritually connected moments, my answer came and I giggled for days because it was possible, true and real. I suddenly knew that water could take on the imprint of a vibration and the vibration I chose was that of the quartz crystal bowls. If you have ever experienced the vibration of the singing crystal bowls tantalizing your every cell, you might want to capture that healing vibration for a time when you weren’t in the presence of the singing bowls. Each of the seven crystal bowls tones a whole harmonic note and inherently captures the vibration of color which corresponds to the seven energy centers known as chakras. Hence the Chakra Sound Essences were born and have become one of my most valuable tools in my Kinesiology business. These Chakra Sound Essences truly bring about those little miracles that make a difference to some one’s life.

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