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Underlying the bio-feedback techniques (muscle testing) and the Energy Balancing techniques ofTPH is a philosophy of empowering individuals to be active in their own self-care which stems more from lay educational programs in (per- son-centered) psychology than from chiropractic or Applied Kinesiology. This emphasis on self-care and effective communication, together with the holistic energy model of TCM, is an important legacy of the emerging profession of Energy Kinesiology that helps make it distinct from other health-care modalities. This different model is powerful within the clinical setting, but is only just beginning to fulfill its potential for transformation of individual lives, relationships, families and communities. In addition to their collaboration with George Goodheart, Gordon Stokes, and so many other pioneers in chiropractic, AK and Energy Kinesiology who contributed to the genesis and development of Touch for Health, John and Carrie Thie also studied with Virginia Satir, Yetta Bernhard, and Thomas Gordon. These authors and leaders developed simple, yet practical and powerful techniques for communication and self-development in relationships which provided the inspiration and the foundation of the Touch for Health workshops, and particularly the TPH In- structor Training.

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