Fascial Hypertonics



One of the things I find helps people’s faces to stay young looking is staying grounded, When you are not grounded you may have the following symptoms:

1) feel detached

2) feel “fuzzy”, unclear

3) have a hard time making decisions

4) indecisive

5) unfocused

6) blurred vision

7) breathing is shallow and laboured

8) fatigue even on waking

9) low energy levels

The earth has an unlimited amount of energy available, all we have to do is plug into it. When we do, the lights can turn on – the power is now getting from the street to the house, so to speak. If the house is wired correctly, the lights and power will work in every room or in every part of our bodies, We’ve all heard the footsteps of children, well grounded, playing above our heads, or picked up a small child to be amazed at how heavy they are, When you are grounded you feel that attachment to the ground – your feet and legs will even feel heavy. This connection we have to our earth is what gives us our spunk and vitality. It is the source of the fountain of youth, The main powerhouse! In order for our faces to look young and be healthy, we need to be able to stay connected to this energy all the time, Unfortunately, daily stresses seem to cut us off from our source of renewal and soon we loose touch with our reality,

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