Fear of Change and Self Sabotage



The current situation sees many people fearful of the future, behind every news report there is an agenda. This has led the media to become a “weapon of mass distraction” taking society towards a gloomy future. In actual fact, we have never been better off! Our society has more information, better educational prospects and a higher standard of living than any time in the history of our species; we should be in a Golden age. What stops us is not what is going on externally, it has little to do with politics, our bankers and everything to do with the way we view ourselves – with our very thinking process. We sabotage ourselves at every turn with our self-images holding us back in all walks of life. The talk will explain how our beliefs restrict us, where those limiting beliefs come from, how to change them as well as where our fears originate from and how they become repetitive in our lives. It is educational, funny and empowering. Over the last two decades Rod Briggs and his Mindlink Foundation have taught peak achievers in business, world champions and Olympians from four different continents how to access their true potential and through this, to change their lives.

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