Holistic Healing in Nursing




The first time I heard about “Touch For Health” was from another nurse, in November of 1985. I was taking care of a patient with a pulmonary problem. While he was being given an intravenous infusion he became very nauseated. I mentioned this to one of the nurses and she suggested we use his “stomach meridian” to decrease the nausea. The nurse explained that she’d learned this method from a course she’d taken called “Touch For Health”. I watched, in fascination, as she traced an invisible line on the patient and voila! the nausea was gone. I was impressed and curious about this noninvasive method of helping the patients. I called the “Touch For Health” Foundation and obtained the name of a local instructor. Before long, I too had knowledge of these wonderful methods. I was anxious to try them out with my patients, but I was quite hesitant at first. After all, what would the patients think? What would my colleagues think, especially the doctors?

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