Intelligent Movement



We all know that muscles can switch off because of blockages in the systems of lymph, circulation or meridians. Muscles can also switch off because of insufficient movement stimulation.

It is a well known fact that functioning of the brain depends to a large degree on receiving information from muscles and the sensory systems. Inactive muscles limit functioning of the brain and intelligence suffers, especially adaptability and new learning. By restoring mobility and expressiveness through flowing movements, we can enhance intelligence, communication and creativity. When mobility and expressiveness are present, we look more attractive and feel more alive.

Intelligent Movement©, an original system created by Paula Oleska, M.A. as a result of twenty years of research, restores mobility of muscles and joints through patterns of figure 8’s, spirals and cross crawl. These patterns are combined with exercising the range of motion of many of the Touch for Health muscles as an additional way to switch them on.

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