Massage Therapists: Touch For Health is for You!



This year I completed a thousand hour course in anatomy and massage theory and practice which is the required schooling to obtain a massage therapist license in the state of Colorado. My goal was to become certified to work with people on a one to one basis using all the skills I have learned the past 15 years as a Touch for Health Instructor. While I was studying massage, I became known at school for very effective work, and I was quickly building a clientele (I was doing muscle and emotional balancing with swedish massage). Near the end of the lO-month course, my instructors asked me to teach a 4- hour session to my class (25 students), explaining and demonstrating Touch for Health. I happily accepted. In the 4 hour session I taught muscle testing, and we balanced each other in pairs, using the fourteen muscle tests and balancing techniques appropriate each person. As a result of this class and the enthusiasm for Touch for Health, I was asked to teach on a regular basis.

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