From one perspective this document is about a spe- cialized application. From another vantage point, it is a generalized philosophy. There is a tremor that is shaking the foundations of a variety of disciplines. Each one has the complete picture in blurred focus. When all are as- sembled the mural emerges with stark relief and brilliant hue. The various models offer brick after brick to the understructure of the emerging paradigm. Holographic photography has donated a tangible tool and a mystical metaphor. The geometry of fractals offers a method of see- ing infinity within the microscopic. The mathematics of chaos presents security within the unpredictable. Each com- ponent has a role to playas each is a repository for the entire script. Even so, each cell of any multi-celled crea- ture has its unique function that it is compelled to follow as it contains within its nucleus the genetic code for the entire organism, possibly the entire universe.

The most disciplined physicists, the most influential social scientists, and the greatest creative minds in health enhancement are converging with the poets and the min- strels. All paths are leading to a common goal. There is but one mind and it seems we take turns using it!

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