Quantum Physics and Touch for Health




The victory won by those of us, who have utilized, benefited, shared, promoted, and just plain enjoyed the Touch for Health synthesis is beyond the wildest dreams I had when I first decided that applied kinesiology should be available to more than just professionals. I wanted the general public to be able to realize that the pathological medical model of treatment was not the only model available. I wanted people to be able to know that by changing their posture (I use the term posture in its broad definition of the relationship of one part of the person to another) that they could change their performance. The modality that I wanted to share was manual muscle testing prior to touching the body to improve health and performance and following up with a retesting of the muscle(s)previously tested to observe the changes that take place. My assumption was that if the posture improved and more control over the muscle performance was obtained, better health and performance in all aspects of the person would be improved. I believe that this assumption proved to be true within an acceptable level of tolerance. This modality is available now all over the world. That’s what I call a wonderful victory. Itislistedasoneofthe Alternative Health methods in the major new books on this subject by the major publishers of the world. I thank all of you that caught my vision of this being available to mankind and are making that continue to happen.



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