Self-Help Cranial Integration Tools



In this article we are going to discuss some of the interfaces between kinesiology and cranial work. We will also learn simple self-help techniques to enhance cranial function.

Integrating cranial touches and under- standings with kinesiology can transform your work. The gentle “five gram” touch empowers practitioners to be present with each individual client’s process. The ability to feel release pulses and stillpoints gives immediate feedback and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the session. Understanding the cranial movement, its significance and how to work with it enables you to directly work with the core energies of the being. Simple self-help exercises can be given to clients to enhance cranial function, thereby boosting thinking abilities, general energy level and overall alertness and body function.

The cranial rhythm has been called the “primary respiration”. It is essential to life. It is a core energy system without whose function we would die. When it is dampened and distorted, we may experience symptoms varying from cloudy thinking abilities to a multitude of physical malfunctions.

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