Seven Bodies Model




The hard question in the field of energy kinesiology is: Where do the answers in kinesiology muscle testing come from? To answer this question involves addressing the definitional challenge: What exactly is kinesiology muscle testing? In this presentation I attempt to answer these questions by briefly considering whether kinesiology is an art, a science, a religion, or something “other.” I propose that it is a state-specific science that is determined in large part by the state of consciousness of the tester and testee, I describe a model of human energy, the Seven Bodies Model, to help address the issue. Included are the seven levels of energy-information and channels of experience in which the energy body is highlighted. Since muscle testing can be effectively used to access information from a variety of levels, I focus specifically on the importance of the energy body as an interface that is essential in understanding where the answers in kinesiology muscle testing come from. I support this claim with cutting-edge research from biophysics, consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology. Also addressed is the role of resonance, distortion, and interference patterns. I end with a discussion of ways to improve results gained through muscle testing based on this model.

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