Stress–arch criminal of the 20th century, has caused an overwhelming rise in depreSSion, anxiety and boredom on the job scene. It has been named as an accessory to job deaths by cardio- vascular disease, ulcers, and cancer. Public enemy [1 for kid- napping over national well being and torturing us Nith mental and physical deterioration.

No one is safe fro~ this criminal. It stress strikes all 2se groups and occupations. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health tells us it’s not the heart attack-prone power house executives or power brokers who suffer most, it’s the laborers and secretaries who encounter the most stress. Those with the least opportunity for advancement and most repetition in their work.

Stress is inherent in our 20th century environment. IIan Selye says that you can’t eliminate stress but you can learn how to cope with it. Mary Dempcy tells us that we can’t control the external events, but we can learn to control our attitude toward them. Thank heavens! Because according to recent statistics there has been a 400% increase in teen suicides.

We all need to be aware of stress and how to work with it.



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