TFH, Visualization, and Massage Therapy



Integrating Touch for Health and Massage Therapy in my practice is very, very rewarding. I believe the greatest benefit of this combination is helping the client to “get in touch” with emotions he holds in his body and to accept himself and all his feelings, From there we can balance emotionally by de-charging over energies and charging under energies – shifting from the negative to the positive with love and forgiveness.

Before I enter a therapy room to meet with a client I take a minute to cleanse my body, mind and spirit with the Light of Love by first brushing my hands lightly over my head, face, neck, shoulders, and down my arms, Secondly, I brush lightly over my head, down my arms and the back of my body, Finally, I travel over my head, shoulders and down the front of my body, Each time I say, “I cleanse my body and I cleanse my mind and I cleanse my spirit with the Light of Love,” After the cleansing I ask only to be present and of service and I express my gratitude for this blessing unto me,

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