Hello from Tucson, Arizona and the International Institute of Applied Physiology. This is Richard Utt to give you a perspective as a Touch For Health Board Member on the state of Touch For Health (TFH) around the world as I perceive its interrelationships with Applied Physiology(AP). The first thing I would like to announce is that all New AP Association Members (USA or International) automatically become members ofTFH USA! We challenge all the other branches of the great Applied Kinesiology “tree” to participate in kind and support the root of all kinesiology, Touch For Health.

As I travel around the world I see TFH burgeoning by leaps and bounds with the support of people like Mac Wolontis in Sweden, Dominique Monette in Belgium, Alfred Schatz in Germany, Charles Krebs in Australia, Rita and Joel Prevost in Bern, Switzerland as well as many others. Being the core of kinesiology, Touch for Health has spread like wildfire throughout the world, including Asia and Russia. It is AP’s intention to help TFH become a solid organization here in the United States where it originated.

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