The Effect of Language in Our Lives




The phrase, “What you eat is what you are”, is true. Also to say, “What you say and feel is what you are”. The words and phrases that we choose to use in our language affects all aspects of our lives.


All words have a frequency associated with them. Words both said and unsaid have similar measurable frequencies. Positive words such as “Love” and “Peace” have tremendous healing frequencies. Conversely, words such as “Hate” and “War” have a negative resonance in our lives both socially and cellularly. As we know from Touch for Health, all frequencies are stored in the body. We also have a subconscious, and every incident in our lives words, thoughts, and deeds, are stored in our subconscious. We know the body is ability to store muscle patterns, emotional patterns and sabotage programs are heavily influenced by thought patterns, Therefore, making a choice about the phrases and words that we choose to use becomes crucial. Once we recognize and change the effects and the frequency of our thoughts and words we create lasting change in our bodies on an emotional, spiritual, mental and cellular level.

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