The First Polish ITW, March 1994



Tadeusz, a tall trim man, is standing in front of the class feeling nervous and haltingly explains the theory of five elements, Then he instructs them how to use it for balancing. When the students follow, he sighs with great relief, “All my life I preferred to stay in the background and let others take charge,” he says, “Maybe that wasn’t such a good choice, I think I’ll be teaching classes now.”

Tadeusz is 86 years old, He is one of the 17 participants of the first Instructors Training Workshop in Poland, Out of about 70 people there who took TFH I, 2, and 3 from me during the last two years, these individuals chose to commit the time and money (almost a full month salary by Polish standards) and to come to this village of Opolnica from all over Poland to become instructors and spread their fascination with TFH, They all have their miracle stories to justify their interest, Krystyna, for example, helped a man who was diagnosed with a lung tumor, After several sessions he started to cough up pieces of it and eventually x-rays showed he was clear,

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