The Power of Your Belief Systems – Don’t Underestimate Them



Belief systems are formed early in life by how others treat us, how we see others treat each other, and how our needs are responded to as we grow through our developmental stages. Our belief system permeates all that we do. It is the sum of assumptions, judgements, myths, and behavior patterns that are familiar to us on a moment to moment basis. Our belief systems contain all our family messages about our own personal value and worth. Our belief systems determine how we plan and make decisions, how we interpret other people’s actions, how we make meaning out of any experience we have, how we solve problems, how we form relationships, how we develop our careers, how we establish our priorities. Our belief systems form the filter through which we conduct the business of our lives. If our inner child is wounded in some manner or if we experienced some trauma during our growing, then our view of the world will be skewed and distorted. The phrase “seeing is believing” is more accurately stated in the reverse: “believing is seeing” for it is what we believe that becomes the screen through which we see our world.

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