Towards a Complete Theory of Integration and Beyond- Meta-Integration




Abstract: This work will attempt to lay the foundation for understanding the underlying nature of left-right integration. An expansion of the author’s previous research papers on the inte- gration of brain and heart hemispheres, bilateral organs and meridians and even unilateral organs and meridians is detailed. The new breakthrough of Meta-Integration is revealed and applied to brain, heart and meridian/muscle/organ integra- tion. Finally, a new HEBS Heart Integration Exercise is described.



It was 1964, when I first read about Applied Kinesiology in the Journal of Chiropractic Economics. that was also the year that I investigated giving up my chiropractic practice, taking my family with me and going to work in rural areas of Mexico with the poor after completing Medical Training there. In that year after spending time investigating what it would mean to me personally and to my family the decision to remain practicing in California as a Chiropractor became obvious. Even before we were married, Carrie and I knew that we wanted to devote our lives to helping others to live healthier lives. This was the primary reason I chose to become a became very enthusiastic about our chiropractor and focus on the value of posture. 

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