When I first heard of Touch for Health, back in 1976 as a geology professor in Pasadena, California, I was very skeptical. One of my friends had informed me that a woman he knew was going to a chiropractor (Dr. Thie) who determined which vitamins and minerals she needed through muscle testing. My response: “Whose leg are you pulling? You can’t do that!” My friend was going to attend a free introductory lecture on Touch for Health that evening at Dr. Thie’s clinic. Was I interested in going? “Sure: This is something I have to see for myself.” During the presentation Richard Duree asked for a volunteer with one shoulder higher than the other. No one volunteered. Richard had everyone stand up. The rest of the class volunteered me! My right shoulder was apparently higher than the left. He then proceeded to test my latissimus dorsi muscles. The muscle on the right unlocked. “I wasn’t ready. Do that again.” I said. He did. Same result. “Are you sure you’re using the same pressure?” I responded. He assured me he was. ”That can’t be: I’m right-handed.” ”That has nothing to do with it” replied Richard. Then Richard proceeded to drill a hole into me between the seventh and eighth ribs below the nipple on the left – or at least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t know that point was so tender. I now knew that Richard was on to something. When he retested the right arm, it was now strong. “Are you sure you’re pulling as hard?” I said. I guess skepticism dies hard. What really made me a believer, however, was when people exclaimed: ‘Wow, look at that: Wayne’s shoulders are level.” Six months later the latissimus dorsi was still strong on the right. I was now a true believer and I was hungry to learn as much as I could about Touch for Health!

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