Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians




With Energy Kinesiology we use many tools to balance the meridians and charkas and auric field of the body. Using plant energies is not new in this work however using the herbs to balance the body on all dimensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually is revolutionary. Plants are in co-creation with humans and they have healing qualities that support the human body on all three dimensions. Traditionally using, herbs to heal the body follows the allopathic model of healing. The signs and symptoms of disease determine which herb is needed in the body. Using the energy model of healing with the herbs offer the potential to balance the body through the meridians and charkas, which embrace body, mind and soul balance. We live in times where we have surrendered our innate universal understanding of health to those that have studied the healing world through textbooks. Our health care providers need to be complimented with people re- empowering themselves with the wisdom of what nature has provided for our wellness. Nature is our provider and the farther we remove ourselves from it the farther we get away from health and vitality. Typically we only look at one third of our being which is the physical aspect when addressing and diagnosing the signs and symptoms of imbalance in the body. Considering that two thirds of the body being ignored correlates with the success rate of cure. There is a much greater potential for optimum health if our three-dimensional body were to be supported. Choosing to use herbs from the Eastern model of healing offers a different perspective. Working inside of the holistic model taps into the full potential of herbal healing.

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