What Does Your Inner Critic Say to Your Mirror Image?




Hey, hey, Fat Albert, ho, there, Skinny Minny. Hi, Big Nose! Were you ever called names that reflected your physical appearance that probably hurt? Our physical appearance CP.A.) can shape our lives negatively as well as positively in more ways then we think. Our relationship to our appearance, how we think, feel and act towards our looks forms an essential aspect of our personality and our body image. Our P.A. is the most readily available information about us, conveying gender, race, approximate age, economic status, sometimes occupation. By the time we’ve reached adulthood we have pretty well adjusted aspects of our life around our height, weight, facial features, specific body parts– ears, eyes, buttocks, hair, etc. Cor life has adjusted around us). We’ve formed habits and patterns in our social, emotional, work, recreation… lives that accommodate them. It’s unlikely a short person will become a star basketball player competing against Magic Johnson or Dikembe Mutombo on the Nugget’s basketball team, an overweight person the centerfold for Playboy, someone with short stubby fingers a classical guitarist.

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